Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost Treasure Thrift Store

Yesturday afternoon, I checked out a local thrift store on Garden Grove Blvd. and Newland, whom a classmate commend me to go. And now I could see why this small place is surely something to praise about...
For first timers, there's no parking in the front. But there's parking available behind the store.
Inside is compact and cramped. The place is decked out with some random goods scattered here and there.

This cabinet behind the counter is filled with collectables...
I had to literally walk sideways to get through the few aisle of clothes. There is no fitting room, so be prepared to change openly in the back in front of a small mirror.

Sequence zip-up vest.

Hand bag here for $5
Friendly service by Janet here. She was pretty joyous in helping me hunt for items.
This place is better in person than in the pictures. I left the place with a huge bag full of goods. I got an ostrich feather shaw, rabbit fur scarf, two jackets, and a rabbit fur jacket vest. All for $40. Not too shabby...

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  1. welcome!!
    i like this kind of shop, always you can to find somethig interesting
    thank a lot